End of Life Doula


Brief History

Over the past 20 years Julie has lost three close family members and, although each death occurred in very different circumstances, she was conscious each time of an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and despair. She simply waited with them, not knowing how to make it any better. Of course, she wanted them to hang on as long as possible, but at the same time she wanted it to be over because the waiting was so hard on everybody.

As a hospice volunteer, she sees that families are trying to do their best for their loved one, while acutely aware that they cannot change the outcome. They are also trying to juggle jobs, children, and other commitments at the same time. This generates an enormous amount of stress, which only elevates the feelings of impending loss.


End of Life Doula Training Certificate (Douglas College)

Advance Care Planning Certificate (Hospice Palliative Care Ontario)

Challenges & Innovation in End of Life Care Certificate (University of Glasgow)

Grief Literacy I, II & III (Being Here, Human)

Personal Support Worker Palliative Care Certificate (Pallium Canada)

Hospice Volunteer Training Certificate (Hospice Palliative Care Ontario)

Rituals for Living and Dying Certificate (Soul Passages)

Intuitive Reiki Practitioner Levels I & II (Lindsey Mae Mentorship)

Grief Educator Certificate (David Kessler Training)

Children’s Grief & Bereavement Certificate (SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health, Toronto)


End of Life Doula Association of Canada, Member https://endoflifedoulaassociation.org/

Death Doula Ontario Network, Member https://deathdoulaontarionetwork.ca/

National End-of Life Doula Alliance, Member https://www.nedalliance.org/

Dying with Dignity Canada, Member https://www.dyingwithdignity.ca/

Margaret Bahen Hospice, Volunteer https://www.myhospice.ca/

Mission Statement

  • To facilitate Advance Care Planning conversations ( Ontario )
  • To navigate current and relevant healthcare resources.
  • To assist with the creation of legacy projects.
  • To advocate for my client’s wishes.
  • To provide companionship and non-judgemental, supportive listening.
  • To ensure personalized end of life care.
  • To offer meaningful vigil support.
  • To empower families to reach decisions and optimize their remaining time with a loved one.

Vision Statement

  • To provide information, comfort, and ongoing support for clients and their families facing a life-limiting illness. 
  • To encourage open conversation about the subject of death and dying.

Note: All services are non-medical, non-legal & non-funeral