Julie Cryns

Julie provides practical, emotional, & spiritual support to clients living with life-limiting conditions. She offers trained grief support to adults and children as they navigate their journeys.

Julie often works with clients who are still completely healthy but are interested in planning ahead. She facilitates important conversations which explore their values, wishes, and criteria for a meaningful quality of life. With her knowledge and expertise, they work together to create a plan which leaves them feeling empowered and their families feeling relieved. A couple will create individual plans but share in the conversation so that each can ask questions or offer suggestions, and both will feel involved in the process. This plan is a working document which can be altered at a later date as circumstances change.

Julie is dedicated to helping her clients prepare for their own death, or that of a loved one. She is committed to helping them reframe it, from being a medical experience to a personal and meaningful experience which brings a family closer together. She will make suggestions, help to relieve some natural anxiety, offer compassionate listening and non-judgemental support. If asked, she will offer vigil support at the very end of life. She will also provide current information on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and support any client who is declared eligible for this program.

Professional Credentials

Training & Certification

  • End of Life Doula Training Certificate (Douglas College)
  • Advance Care Planning Certificate (Hospice Palliative Care Ontario)
  • Challenges & Innovation in End of Life Care Certificate (University of Glasgow)
  • Personal Support Worker Palliative Care Certificate (Pallium Canada)
  • Hospice Volunteer Training Certificate (Hospice Palliative Care Ontario)
  • Rituals for Living and Dying Certificate (Soul Passages)
  • Grief Educator Certificate (David Kessler Training)
  • Children’s Grief & Bereavement Certificate (SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health, Toronto)
  • Navigating the MAiD Journey (Wilfred Laurier University)
  • Bereavement Counselling (Wilfred Laurier University)

Professional Associations

  • End of Life Doula Association of Canada, Member https://endoflifedoulaassociation.org/
  • Death Doula Ontario Network, Member https://deathdoulaontarionetwork.ca/
  • National End-of Life Doula Alliance, Member https://www.nedalliance.org/
  • Dying with Dignity Canada, Member https://www.dyingwithdignity.ca/

My Commitment

  • To facilitate Advance Care Planning conversations (Ontario)
  • To navigate current and relevant healthcare resources.
  • To assist with the creation of legacy projects.
  • To advocate for my client’s wishes.
  • To provide companionship and non-judgmental, supportive listening.
  • To ensure personalized end of life care.
  • To offer meaningful vigil support.
  • To empower families to reach decisions and optimize their remaining time with a loved one.
  • To offer grief counseling to adults & children

Community Involvement

  • Volunteer Companion, Bradford Valley Care Community, Bradford
  • Volunteer Companion, Southlake Residential Care Village, Newmarket
  • Grief Group Facilitator (virtual & in-person)
  • Death Café Facilitator (virtual & in-person)
  • Hospice Volunteer, Margaret Bahen Hospice, Newmarket