Julie Cryns

Julie Cryns

Guiding and supporting families through the final chapter of their journey together.

What is a Death Doula?

In my role as your End of Life/Death Doula, I will help you to plan and prepare for the final chapter of your journey in this world. Once this has been done, you can relax in the knowledge that your wishes are understood and your loved ones will not suffer the burden of having to make emotional decisions based on assumptions alone.

Whether you would like to die at home, choose your favourite music, arrange for certain family members to be present, decide on food and drinks, have treasured objects close at hand, a beloved pet on the bed beside you…I can help to make sure these things happen for you. I can support you, as well as family members, in a practical and meaningful way so that the experience is as calm and peaceful as possible.

As a former primary teacher, I have a special interest in supporting grieving children. I will listen to them, help them to feel included in the process, and meet them where they are at in their grief. I will empower parents to explain to their kids the meaning of death and dying using honesty and compassion, which will help them to grow up into resilient human beings.

Each family’s journey is unique, but we will work together to create a peaceful, positive, and meaningful experience.

Please contact me to discuss your family’s needs. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Death Doula & Grief Educator